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Report illegal or abusive content in the Finmatics-Software

General information on reporting illegal content or misuse in the Finmatics-Software

Reporting illegal or abusive content in the Finmatics-Software, which is available in particular at ("Finmatics-Software"), contributes to the trustworthiness and security of the Finmatics-Software. If customers of Finmatics GmbH, their employees or clients (hereinafter "Users") come across illegal content in the Finmatics Software, they can report it. Users may also report alleged violations of the End User Agreement, available at ("EULA").

User reports should always be made in good faith that the information provided therein is correct and complete.


How can I report content?

Illegal or abusive content can be reported using the form below both by Users who are logged into the Finmatics-Software and by Users who are not logged in. Contents can be reported anonymously; the User can optionally provide contact details.

The report must include the User's reasons as to why the content is illegal, the location (e.g. URL) and a declaration that the reporting User is providing correct and complete information in good faith.


What is illegal content?

Illegal content is any form of information that is unlawful under applicable law or that is considered unlawful because it relates to unlawful activity.

This includes, among other things:

  • the unlawful sharing of private images without consent,
  • breaches of copyright law,
  • the dissemination of depictions of sexual abuse, particularly of children,
  • cyber stalking and
  • activities related to hate, violence, terrorism, harassment or fraudulent/illegal activities.


What happens after a report?

Finmatics GmbH will review the report and, if the reported content is illegal or violates the EULA, will take further action. Each report will be reviewed by a Finmatics GmbH employee. If the User provides contact details with the report, the User will subsequently receive a confirmation of receipt and will be informed by Finmatics GmbH of the decision regarding the reported content and of any remedial measures.

If a contribution is illegal content or does not comply with the EULA, Finmatics GmbH may take the following remedial measures:

  • requesting the User to remedy the violation within a reasonable period of time,
  • removal or correction of the contribution,
  • blocking the User's access,
  • terminating the contract with the customer for good cause,
  • the disclosure of information about the User's activities to the competent authorities, in particular if there is a suspicion that a criminal offense has been, is being or could be committed that poses a threat to the life or safety of one or more persons.

If remedial measures are imposed on a User, the User will be informed of the following:

  • what remedial action is being taken,
  • the facts and circumstances on which the remedial action/decision is based
  • indication of the legal provision or regulation in the EULA that the content of the contribution violates, and
  • information on the use of automated means in the decision-making process.

Notification form

Please explain here what content you wish to report and why you consider it to be illegal or abusive. You can also add a link to the illegal or abusive content.


You have the option of providing your contact details. In this case, we will contact you as soon as possible after reviewing the report. Contact is not possible for anonymous reports.


If you disclose personal data as part of your report, please note the Finmatics GmbH privacy policy here: