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Finmatics DATEV Connect

Automate document processing and invoice approval

Finmatics - digital assistants for tax consulting firms and companies with DATEV

The digital assistants from Finmatics are the ideal addition to DATEV Rechnungswesen and DATEV Unternehmen Online.

With Finmatics DATEVconnect, you benefit from automations that were previously reserved for the accounting departments of large companies: Itemized document capture, mobile apps for document approval, multi-level approval processes, automated master data management and much more. Both for accounting and 4/3 processing. Already in use at hundreds of tax firms with DATEV.

Document and data transfer takes place via DATEV connect interface and is therefore ready for use in the shortest possible time.


Dennis Gebhard

“For several years, we have been processing our documents digitally with our partner Finmatics - our digital processes mean that we are ideally prepared for the digitalization of the firm.”

Dennis Gebhard
Management | Schröder & Partner GmbH, Berlin

Dr. thiems-1

With Finmatics, we have been able to significantly increase the satisfaction of our clients and now service 85% of them digitally. For us in the law firm, digitization with Finmatics resulted in time savings of around 50% when scanning documents and a clear, digital work process with DATEV.

Dr. Stefan Thiems
Management | Dr. Thiems & Kollegen Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Automate approval processes

Finmatics workflows enable you to implement multi-stage approval processes as the basis for procedural documentation (GobD). Employees in the company conveniently approve documents using the Finmatics Mobile App. The content check is digitally documented and after approval, the documents are conveniently transferred to DATEV Unternehmen Online

digital Document Approval

Automate Document


With Scan&Sort you can automate scanning processes. From now on, artificial intelligence will take care of stapling and sorting receipts for you. With the Finmatics Mobile App, you can easily record expenses, credit cards and travel expenses for your clients.


Automate document processing

Benefit from automated master data creation, itemized reading of information from invoices, prediction of tax code and G/L account. Do you still receive bank documents? Even bank documents can be scanned and read out automatically.

Automatic Booking Machine

More about Finmatics DATEV Connect







More about Finmatics DATEV Connect

Ready to use in 5 minutes without setup costs!

Finmatics connects to DATEV via a ready-made interface that has been checked and approved by DATEV in various ways. This allows for an extremely short implementation time, saving you expensive setup costs. The digital assistants interact with DATEV either via DATEVconnect, DATEV Belegtransfer, or DATEV Buchungsdatenservice. After document entry, approval and processing, the document image (with or without posting line) is transferred to DATEV. Accountants can continue to work in their familiar environment; all that is required to activate the interface is an mIdentity stick or Smart Login.

Award-winning service team with a lot of experience.

Hundreds of tax consulting firms and thousands of companies in Germany already use Finmatics as an intelligent automation boost for financial accounting. Of course, you can rely on the expertise and experience of our service team to help you set up and answer questions about all Finmatics products. Our award-winning customer service has already supported hundreds of law firms and companies in digitization projects. This concentrated experience helps you to carry out your digitization projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Customization as an advantage

Every law firm has specific requirements for its digitization solution. With Finmatics, it is possible to intervene anywhere in the process and thus find the right solution to adapt document management specifically to individual requirements. For example, the behavior of artificial intelligence, or various invoice approval workflows, even multi-level ones, can be tailored specifically to your needs in this way.




It was important for the law firm to keep up with current innovations and to develop further with the latest technology. Finmatics was the optimal solution for this, for example, to save a lot of valuable time by automatically reading out document lines.


The digitalization of the Schröder & Partner law firm

law firm Schröder & Partner

"We have been processing our documents digitally with our partner Finmatics for several years - our digital processes mean we are well prepared for the digitization of the tax office." Since 2016, the firm has been working completely digitally with Finmatics.

I’m happy to help


"It is my concern to advise our customers and interested persons in the best possible way and to make the implementation of the intelligent assistants as easy as possible."

Albert Douet, B.A.

Account Manager

T: +43-(0)1-997 41 63


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