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Flexible Solutions

We help across industries to digitize and automate your document processing and thereby make it 70% faster.

The Perfect Solution for Every Situation

Finmatics learns with every interaction and grows with your requirements. This enables you to make your processes around 70% faster in any situation, whether you are a small tax consultancy or a large accounting department. Our digitalization experts provide advice tailored to your specific requirements to achieve the best automation results for you.


Automation potential in tax consulting.

As a tax firm, you currently face the challenge of coping with an ever-increasing workload despite the ongoing shortage of skilled professionals. With Finmatics, you can automate ongoing accounting tasks and improve digital collaboration with your clients.
Save 70% of your time and get rid of repetitive and monotonous tasks.


Medium-Sized Companies

Save 70% of your time in document processing. With automatic document entry and booking automation, documents are automatically booked and checked for VAT criteria. Integrated approval workflows allow you to implement internal control systems and minimize your risk of errors and liabilities.


Large Enterprises

Automate your accounts payable in record time! With Finmatics, you can save up to 70% of your time by using artificial intelligence to capture documents, approval workflows, automated formal invoice verification based on VAT criteria, and automatic assignment of purchase orders and delivery notes.

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