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Accounting Automation made easy

We help accounting departments of all sizes automate repetitive tasks and ensure compliance with AI-powered software.


Software for intelligent document processing and accounting automation

Fast, simple and audit-proof

Finmatics automates document processing for companies and accounting service providers of all sizes. Accounting departments benefit from a 50% reduced workload in document processing. Our self-learning digital assistants combine smart, self-learning software with comprehensive know-how that grows with you. 

Document capture, general ledger prediction, and document approval workflows: With the power of artificial intelligence, you save time, costs, and, above all, tedious manual work.




Thats what our customers say

Stefan Reiter

"Gas Connect Austria has integrated Finmatics into the SAP landscape and optimized invoice processing. User acceptance is enormous, as almost no end users need to be trained and everybody was up and running within 2 months after project start."

Stefan Reiter
Enterprise Risk Management | Gas Connect Austria GmbH


“Finmatics enabled us to achieve significant time savings even in non-EU countries after only a few weeks”

Christian Braunig
Managing Director | CONFIDA, Graz

Edoardo Peniche, AVIS

We integrated Finmatics within a few months and significantly optimized our document handling as a result."

Edoardo Peniche
Former Vice President | Avis Budget Group Europe, Budapest

Dennis Gebhard

“For several years, we have been processing our documents digitally with our partner Finmatics - our digital processes mean that we are ideally prepared for the digitalization of the firm.”

Dennis Gebhard
Management | Schröder & Partner GmbH, Berlin


“In accounting, we increase quality and efficiency through the use of artificial intelligence so that we can take even better care of our customers. The combination of Finmatics and BMD Software is ideal for us.”

Raphaela Janauschek
Management | BENA AFS

Daniel siegfried

"The bookkeeping has been relieved enormously - thanks to digital bookkeeping processes, the only thing that is checked today is whether the invoice features and the assignment have been made correctly by Finmatics. "

Daniel Seigfried
Management | Bilanzwerkstatt

Our Solutions

Processing documents manually is a thing of the past. Let the self-learning artificial intelligence work for you. Take the step into the digitalization of your accounting processes: Our solutions offer extensive functionality for future-proof and efficient document processing for accounting departments and accounting service providers.  

Automation of Document Inbound

Document Approval Workflows

With Finmatics, you can digitize and automate your invoice and document approval processes in no time. Let the power of AI help you set up set-up approval processes and implement them in your company with easy to use mobile Apps. 


Data Capture and General Ledger Prediction

Reduce manual work in your accounting department: Finmatics' digital assistants capture information from invoice documents and predict general ledgers.  complete posting lines from incoming invoices. More than 80% of all transactions can be processed automatically. 



You have the challenge to scan many documents in your accounting department? Let the power of AI help you. Finmatics automatically separates and sorts scanned documents using artificial intelligence. No stamps or barcodes necessary!



Mobile App

Take the collaboration with the accounting department to the next level:  Using the Finmatics Mobile App employees record expenses, approve invoices and answer questions raised by the accounting department. All in one easy to use mobile app.  


iPaas - Interface

The future of finance today: With Finmatics' iPaaS interfaces, you digitize the transfer of financial data between your suppliers and their accounting department.


Accounts Payable Automation

Automate your accounts payable easily & completely.  Automatic document capture & automatic invoice matching. Automated communication to suppliers & much more.

Over companies trust Finmatics
300x300_weiss_Gas Connect
300x300_weiss_Grant Thornton

We help across all industries

Our solutions can be tailored precisely to your individual situation. With flexible systems and highly customizable features, Finmatics artificial intelligence can bring huge improvements. Thus, the advantages of digital document processing using artificial intelligence can be used efficiently, transparently and cost-saving in a tax consulting firm as well as in large enterprises.


Accounting Service Providers

Use the digital assistants from Finmatics for the automated management of your processes. Digital invoice-entry, as well as the automatic account assignment predictions of the Finmatics automatic booking machine can significantly relieve your employees of standard work and create more time and capacity for more important activities.


Medium sized enterprises

Save 50% of the time in invoice-processing and minimize liability risks. With automatic receipt-input and automatic booking machine, invoices are automatically posted and checked for VAT criteria. Integrated approval workflows allow you to implement internal control systems and minimize your liability risk


Large Enterprises

Automate your accounts payable processes in record time! Capture documents with artificial intelligence, automated formal invoice verification according to VAT criteria, automatic assignment of purchase orders, delivery bills and vouchers, digital workflows.


Avis Budget Group: Artificial Intelligence in the Shared Service Center

Avis Budget Group, Inc.

With Finmatics, Avis Budget Group continuously increases productivity and the quality of its services. By using artificial intelligence, the SSC Financial Services department has been able to reduce its document processing workload while improving the quality of its data.


CONFIDA: Digital workflows in internationalization thanks to Finmatics

Confida Graz

CONFIDA implemented the Finmatics digital solution for its document management and was able to achieve a huge increase in efficiency with digital approval workflows and the benefits of the Finmatics booking machine, especially in Southeastern Europe.

Stadtwerke 2

Field report: AI-supported group accounting at Wiener Stadtwerke with SAP and Finmatics

Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH

Together with Finmatics, Vienna's number 1 public utility service, automated invoice processing in group accounting at the beginning of 2020 by using Finmatics AI.


Experience smart automation immediately

Easy integration of Finmatics for ERPs and accounting systems: 50% time savings in document processing and smart workflows. Ready-made Finmatics interfaces enable incredibly short implementation time, high automation, and fast ROI.

I’m happy to help


"It is my concern to advise our customers and interested persons in the best possible way and to make the implementation of the intelligent assistants as easy as possible."

Henning Chomse

Head of Customer Success Management

T: +43 123 456 789 01



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